Independent Belle

About Me

I started a blog called Independent Belle after moving to Chicago with a boy and getting left abruptly, at which time I decided to give it a go on my own.  I lived happily ever after. 

In my spare time I like to make things, typically fiber arts (crochet, cross stitch, needlepoint, knitting, etc.) .

I'm complicated and I contradict myself but it's also what makes me likable and unique. 

I still send snail mail even though I'm mostly digital. 

I'm kind of a mush when I fall for someone.  Currently there is no one.  Or there is but I'm neurotic and I don't know if it's too early to talk about them. 

My middle name is Elizabeth.  I've always wished it was my first. 

I like t-shirts and yoga pants.  I wear actual pajamas to bed. 

I love surprises but I'm really hard to surprise. 

I think it is incredibly romantic when I see old couples dancing. 

Sometimes I confuse letting go for giving up and end up holding on to things that weren't meant to be. 

I wear big jewelry.  I love David Yurman but can't afford very much of it so I mix what I have with other jewelry. 

I grew up in Hot Springs, AR.  At lot of my things are monogrammed even though I live alone and don't risk them getting mixed in with anyone else's things. 

I like people who can be honest about awkward situations. 

I always assume someone is being honest with me.  Some call it gullible, I call it trusting. 

I believe a healthy lifestyle prevents a lot of medical issues.  I believe in traditional and alternative medicine. 

I don't like making decisions when I don't have to.  I also procrastinate on simple tasks.  I really need to work on that...eventually. 

I always arrive early.  I wake up every morning at 5:00am.  It's a curse. 

I don't think I'm very stylish but people tell me I always look pulled together and use words like "fancy" to describe me, so the jury is still out. 

There is never going to be a time when I'm not certifiably crazy about my dog, Henry.  He's helped me through some really difficult times. 

I love organizational items and work supplies that show personality.  My dentist had pink strips on all of her cleaning instruments and I knew instantly we would be friends. 

I don't know if I will ever have children, but I would be a great mom.  In the meantime, I'm a fun aunt. 

I'm a thinker and an over-analyzer with some things and quick to decide on others. 

I don't have any tattoos. 

I make up words.  I think it's my alternative to using the wrong word for what I'm trying to say...which I also do. 

I drive too fast, so it's good that I don't own a car.  I always wanted to be knowledgeable about cars like my dad, but now I realize I just wanted to be closer to him.  I've never changed a tire or my oil, nor would I know how.  Contrary to popular opinion, I don't think they are two necessary skills to have. 

I have no desire to be a teacher.  Despite that, my parents continually suggest it as a great career.  I once read a study that asked men what their first-choice profession for a woman they'd like to marry would be... 44% said "schoolteacher".  As a result, I recommend the profession to others all the time. 

I eat 12 tiny meals a day...I'm a picker. 

I've experienced "love at first sight", but it didn't last.  I'll never forget the moment it happened though and I still smile when I think about how it felt. 

I like to play Scrabble...but not the "Words With Friends" version... the actual board game. 

I'm not competitive.  99% of the time anyway. 

Taking out the trash and doing dishes are my LEAST favorite chores.  I like vacuuming and folding laundry, go figure. 

I think about mistakes I've made and things I would do differently given the chance.  I try my best not to though. 

I can't swim very well but I love the beach.  The less crowded, the better. 

I can't burp.  I don't care to learn but I'm a little jealous that it seems everyone else can. 

I try to be a better person every day.