Independent Belle

Pricing + Services


Pricing + Services


Digital Marketing and Brand Consulting starting at $125/hour.



Digital Marketing

planning - 

Personal: $175/hour — Business Strategy. Brand Strategy and Messaging. User Experience. Content Strategy.

Business: $250/hour


Personal: $125/hour —  Website review and analysis.  SEO Testing and recommendations.  Search Engine Optimization.  Search Engine Marketing. Link Building.  User Experience

Business: 175/hour


Variable hourly rate — Content creation and optimization. Editing. Hashtag targeting.  Blogging.


Personal: $125/hour — Integrated Online Strategy.  Social Media Strategy.  Re-targeting.  Brand Strategy.

Business: $175/hour

Reputation Management

Variable hourly rate — Public Relations.  Media. Influencer Campaigns.  Brand Recognition and Trust.


User acquisition and Advertising

Personal: $125/hour — Activation and Retention. Email Marketing. Search Marketing and Paid Media.

Business: $175/hour

Social and community

Personal: $125/hour — Social Media Management and Influencer Marketing.  Social Media Paid Advertising.  Testing & Experimentation. Social Media Set Up

Business: $175/hour

Marketing and Data Analytics

Personal: $125/hour, payment plans available — Marketing Analytics.  Google Analytics Set Up.  Metrics, Sources, and Statistics.  Segmentation, Targeting, and Tracking.  Excel, Statistics, and Data Visualization. Budgeting and Planning. 

Business: $225/hour